• How Your Diet Affects Your Mental State

    How Your Diet Affects Your Mental State
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, an alarming 65.6% of Hong Kong residents who participated in a case study have reported clinical levels of depression, anxiety, and/or stress. (1) Prevalence of depression was also highest in university students in our city (41%) compared to students in China and Macau. Can the food we eat play a role in improving our mood and wellbeing?  Food is not...
  • Health Hack: Instant Noodles

    Health Hack: Instant Noodles
    Instant noodles are quick, easy and comforting. It seems to be an ideal candidate for us city-dwellers who are time-poor and just want to satisfy your food craving. Although instant noodles have become a staple in almost every family’s kitchen, they are typically deep fried in oil, which means they are high in fats, namely trans fat. Trans fat can raise our blood low-density...
  • Top 7 Instagram Nutritional Myths

    Top 7 Instagram Nutritional Myths
    Being active on social media will inevitably expose you to content about health and nutrition. Sadly, most of this content is unreliable. Even your favorite social media influencers can unknowingly spread false information about nutrition, causing more confusion on a larger scale. Here are the top 7 nutrition myths you may encounter on Instagram that I'm here to debunk. 1. Skipping breakfast is detrimental...
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